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Plant-Based Meat Delivery Services : gooddot

‘GoodDot’ is an India-based manufacturer of vegan food products with items ranging from meats to full oven-ready meals. The company has recently announced a partnership with ‘Swiggy,’ the largest online food retailer and delivery service in India. Through this partnership, vegan and vegetarian consumers across India will gain access to quick and convenient ordering for a wide array of plant-based meals.

In addition to this new collaboration, Swiggy has added a new ‘Plant-Based Meat’ sub-category in its ‘Meat’ section, signaling that the brand is moving towards embracing more plant-based products in the future. GoodDot, on the other hand, has been expanding globally over the past two years. As the largest plant-based food manufacturer in India, the company has also found success in select European, Asian, and North American markets. Despite this, GoodDot does not have a convenient method of ordering its products as they must be located in third-party online stores and supermarkets.

Image Credit: GoodDot – Business Trends

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