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Paper-Made Egg Packaging : Stamp Egg

The ‘Stamp Egg’ packaging has been designed by Il-Seop Yoon as a new take on egg packaging that would provide a secure yet sustainable way to keep the item snug when being carried between locations or stored. The packaging is achieved using PaperFoam material, which is constructed with starch along with cellulose fibers and water to give it a very low carbon footprint. Each of the individual egg sections can be detached from the rest like a stamp — hence the name — and can be individually recycled or even composted at home.

The ‘Stamp Egg’ packaging was explained further by Yoon who said, “After experimenting with the material to enhance its look and its mechanical properties, I had to find a proper application for it. I aimed at designing a mass-produced everyday object within the packaging industry, which proved to be a successful field of application for PaperFoam as it was resistant, natural, and could be customized with branding. The purpose was to approach this project in a sustainable way, think about a valid and meaningful alternative to already existing products, combine maximum efficiency with aesthetic quality using an environment-friendly approach throughout the whole lifecycle.” – Marketing Strategy

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