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Net-Zero Emissions Initiatives : kraft heinz

‘Kraft Heinz Co.,’ one of the largest food manufacturers in the western hemisphere, has announced a new in-house commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. It is important to note that this commitment is not limited to one section of the company, such as products or transportation. To this effect, Kraft Heinz will remodel each of its business elements including packaging, transportation, production, and energy usage, to be net-zero.

For packaging, Kraft Heinz is researching circular alternatives to plastic that best suit its products. In terms of transportation and energy usage, Kraft Heinz aims to be fully dependent on renewable energy by 2050 with the majority of the company’s electricity being renewable by 2025. For the remainder of the corporation, such as packaging and production, Kraft Heinz will partner with NGOs across its supply chain to reduce emissions and fund alternative, sustainable materials.

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