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Modular Home Designs : bj segal

Architect and former Apple design director BJ Segal has launched its new mass-timber housing company called Juno. The architect explains that his firm will sell its designs as products rather than bespoke plans.

Juno will run as a firm offering a modular approach to design; the firm will offer customers 33 different housing components that can be assembled to produce a house. Whichever components the homeowner and design consultant choose will then be delivered to the site and built.

The architect believes Juno’s pre-designed housing components will help dispel individual’s distaste for modular buildings. Architecture is typically bespoke and personal; however, BJ Segal views society’s distaste for repetition as a problem.

Juno will merge productization with architecture to create functional home designs.

Image Credit: Engraff Studio – Business Trends

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