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Microwaveable Tandoori Chicken Bowls : tandoori chicken bowl

California-based catering company FiveStar Gourmet Foods is continuing to expand on its highly received collection of microwaveable meals inspired by international cuisine with the introduction of its latest offering, Tandoori Chicken Bowls with Green Chutney & Cool Yogurt Sauce.

Comprising tandoori-seasoned chicken breast, curried cauliflower, roasted bell peppers, spiced basmati rice and traditional spices and herbs such as turmeric, paprika and cilantro, these Tandoori Chicken Bowls with Green Chutney & Cool Yogurt Sauce evoke traditional Indian flavors for the benefit and enjoyment of Costco customers.

While tandoori chicken is renowned for its smoky and spicy flavor, the inclusion of green chutney allows for a deliciously tangy taste while the yogurt sauce adds a cooling effect, making this a spectacularly balanced dish. Each pack can be prepared in a matter of minutes, allowing these bowls to attain a perfect balance between flavor and convenience.

Image Credit: FiveStar Gourmet Foods – Business Trends

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