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Metaverse Developer Training Programs : WPP

Global holding company WPP has teamed up with American video game developer Epic Games — known worldwide for its Unreal Engine — to begin developing a new suite of training programs for companies looking to enter the metaverse.

According to a recent press release, the partnership includes a training program in which Epic Games’ top developers will train WPP employees so that they can begin creating their own custom brand experiences in Fortnite. Specific training items will include learning to use real-time 3D creation tools via Unreal Engine. Ideally, the tools learned would be applicable across a wide range of industries including film, fashion, gaming, architecture, music, and more.

Elsewhere, WPP has also partnered with Epic Games subsidiary SuperAwesome to build immersive Fortnite experiences with major brands like adidas.

Image Credit: Epic Games – New Ventures and Start Ups

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