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Luxury Beauty Retail Livestreams : Tmall

German luxury skincare company Amala Beauty has launched a series of live stream commerce campaigns on Tmall Global, China’s largest B2C cross-border online marketplace. The new campaigns kicked off the brand’s marketing for China’s annual 618 shopping festival, the second-largest e-commerce shopping day in the country, which takes place every year on June 18th.

Amala Beauty’s live stream events promoted a range of performance skincare products geared towards the Chinese market. In doing so, the company looked to further build upon its strategic partnership with Azoya, an e-commerce tech company that worked with the brand to launch the Amala Beauty flagship store on Tmall last year.

A strategic move, Amala Beauty decided to use live stream to differentiate itself from the competition. This relatively new marketing avenue helped the company reach consumers in real-time, providing them with a highly visual, entertainment-based experience.

Image Credit: Amala Beauty – Marketing Strategy

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