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IoT-Based Retail Solutions : Sensormatic

Sensormatic Solutions, a leading global retail solutions company, has launched ‘Sensormatic IQ,’ a smart operating platform for retail management. The IoT-based platform combines AI and Machine Learning technology with Sensormatic Solutions’ portfolio, retailer, and third-party data, to provide enterprises with advanced control of operations as well as access to in-depth consumer insights.

‘Sensormatic IQ’ was designed for the purpose of improving retailers’ bottom lines while providing them additional brand value. “Our platform is designed to evolve with the industry and our customer’s needs” explains Bjoern Petersen, President of Sensormatic Solutions, which is why the company has taken an IoT approach to product development.

Open and agile, ‘Sensormatic IQ’ offers retailers a multi-faceted platform that leverages the global reach and scalability via Google Cloud while implementing physical smart sensors and advanced digital analytics “providing the foundation for a digital journey” that Petersen believes every retailer will have to embrace if they wish to find success moving forward. – Business Trends

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