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Hyperlocal Logistics Platforms : GoKea Logistics Platform

The GoKea logistics platform uses AI technology to offer hyperlocal logistics services to businesses in India. The digital platform caters specifically to the Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Bangalore areas and empowers local entrepreneurs to scale their businesses with a suite of logistics solutions. These customized solutions, packaged under the GoKea Now banner, have API integration to automate the ordering process. Some of these services include Now Express 45 for time-sensitive deliveries, Now Plus for high-value goods, and Now RetailGo for restaurants and food chains.

The GoKea logistics platform also offers other end-to-end services that handle many aspects of the supply chain. GoKea Connect offers tech-driven deliveries while GoKea E2E offers advanced supply chain management. Using automation and AI-driven technologies, the GoKea logistics platform cuts costs and creates value for businesses and consumers.

Image Credit: GoKea – New Ventures and Start Ups

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