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Horchata Cold Brew Coffees : horchata cold brew

Translated from Spanish, the name Bandida means ‘female outlaw,’ and the brand really delivers a mean Horchata Cold Brew. The recipe is dairy-free, vegan, and contains no refined sugar, with refreshing notes of cinnamon and vanilla. Individuals can opt-in for the caffeine goodness by purchasing a pack of six 10 oz. single-serve bottles, with each carrying the equivalent of one cup of strong coffee. The Horchata Cold Brew’s packaging itself is smart, modern, and colorful as Bandida really tries to rope in the Millennial crowd who are constantly on the go and constantly in need of a large, refreshing dose of caffeine.

As a brand, Bandida is committed to sourcing ingredients from female farmers and producers around the world, as well as empowering women in business to follow their dreams and perfect their craft.

Image Credit: Bandida

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