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Hollywood-Inspired Beauty Stores : Glossier1

Beauty brand Glossier continues to make its return to physical retail after shutting the doors to all its stores last year due to the pandemic. The brand has officially announced the launch of its highly experiential West Hollywood store location, which appears to double-down on its pre-pandemic, interactive showroom concept.

The new store features a pastel-pink, Hollywood-inspired design that houses a variety of interesting installations and experetinal elements. For example, the store is equipped with several Instagram/Tik Tok-ready installations, including lighting and mirrors that have been “optimized for selfies.”

In addition, large props are found within the store including a 17-foot tall Boy Brow product and Glossier ‘Globe’. Cealrly, Glossier intends for the store itself to become a major attraction point, offering customers a unique and immersive shopping experience.

Image Credit: Glossier – Marketing Strategy

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