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Gen Z Parody Vaccination Ads : Get Axeinated

In an effort to encourage hesitant Gen Z consumers to get the vaccine, Axe recently debuted a new ‘Get Axeinated’ campaign. The new marketing scheme targets those looking to get back into the dating scene saying “being vaccinated its hot.” The brand also debuted new Axeination Kits that feature its new body sprays and an Axeination Certificate emulating COVID-19 vaccine cards.

“The pandemic disrupted life as our Gen Z guys knew it, leaving many anxious about getting back out there. So as a brand rooted in attraction, we saw a unique opportunity to play a role in encouraging vaccinations tied to this interesting and evolving dating moment,” said Mark Lodwick, AXE Brand Director. “We want guys to get informed, get their shots and feel confident doing it, and if AXE can help along the way, even better.”

Image Credit: Axe – Marketing Strategy

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