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Festive Celebration Chocolate Products : Chocolove Holiday Collection

The Chocolove Holiday Collection is being launched by the brand ahead of the holiday season to provide consumers with a way to incorporate a new tradition into their celebrations. The collection consists of two products including the Tree Bites Pouches and the 3-Bar Pack, which are both crafted with a series of flavorful ingredients. The 3-Bar Pack has three flavors including Frosted Gingerbread, Fruit-Nut Medley and Candy Cane Crunch, while the Tree Bites Pouches come in individually wrapped Hazelnut Latte and Peppermint Crème Flavors.

CEO and Founder Timothy Moley commented on the new Chocolove Holiday Collection saying, “Not only are our bites and bars perfect gifts for loved ones, but they can also be used in holiday baking or to make delicious hot chocolate at home. Simply melt a bar in a pan with milk and water, bring to just a boil, pour and enjoy a rich and thick cup of hot chocolate.” – Marketing Strategy

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