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Dark-Fantasy Anime Adaptations : chainsaw man

Written by Japanese manga artist Tatsuki Fujimoto, ‘Chainsaw Man’ is an ongoing comedy horror and dark-fantasy manga that centers around a character, Denji, who has been turned into a Chainsaw Devil while hunting devils to pay for a debt he has accrued. The manga was originally released in 2018, and has since garnered a sizable fanbase for an indie manga.

Slotted for a Summer 2022 release date, Fujimoto has announced the creation of an anime based on the events of the manga. The trailer uses panels from the original manga and cuts these panels into animated scenes to demonstrate that the anime will closely follow the manga, rather than be a completely original take on the same characters. The announcement of the Chainsaw Man anime is great news for fans of the series who were unsure of its popularity or demand for content.

Image Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto, Jump Comics – Business Trends

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