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Customizable Breakfast Sandwiches : egg mcmuffin breakfast sandwich

Based on the idea that fans are always hacking menu items, McDonald’s is inviting customers to celebrate 50 years of its iconic Egg McMuffin breakfast sandwich with a one-day-only offer. The classic breakfast sandwich from McDonald’s, and the first-ever QSR breakfast sandwich, became a menu addition at McDonald’s in 1971 and since then, people have been putting their own twist on the morning meal. Molly McKenna, McDonald’s Senior Director of Brand Communications, says “It’s been fun to see all the ways they’ve made it their own – whether it’s adding some heat with salsa or sweetness with jam or combining it with the Sausage McMuffin, they’re always innovating.”

On Thursday, November 18th, McDonald’s is revisiting the past with a throwback price for the Egg McMuffin—just 63 cents on the McDonald’s app—so that people can mix and match ingredients to their hearts’ content. – Marketing Strategy

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