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Custom Cake Ordering Platforms : Meijer

American supermarket chain Meijer has announced the launch of an online custom cake ordering platform that intends to make the cake-buying process more efficient and COVID-safe.

According to the company, September is the most common birth month in the United States, which is why Meijer has decided to implement the new cake ordering system this month. Not only will the new system improve customer experience, but it will also ease pressure on Meijer’s busy bakery staff who witness an annual influx of orders throughout September.

The new platform is simple and straightforward. All customers have to do is choose a store and cake style, customize its size, flavors, colors, and message, and then pick it up and pay in-store. “The new online ordering system allows busy parents to order a cake from the comfort of their homes with just a few days’ notice and then pick it up during their pre-party shopping trip,” said Rochelle Bird.

Image Credit: Shutterstock – Business Trends

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