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Crypto-Scented Body Sprayss : scented body spray

Back in April, for Doge Day, Axe promised to create a crypto-scented body spray if Dogecoin hit $1 USD. Although Dogecoin is still making the push to $1, the brand created the Dogecan to give away for free. Available in limited quantities, the product is touted as a “48-hour crypto scent with a dank musk” and crypto fans can get their hands on it by registering interest online this month.

Created to celebrate the “Doge Army,” the scented body spray taps into the popularity of meme coins and the hopes that the cryptocurrency will go “to the moon.” The collectible packaging for the product features the familiar face of an Internet meme against a dark, starry sky and, of course, an image of the full moon. – Marketing Strategy

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