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Creative Space-Enhancing Companies : Bespoke artworks


In today’s day and age, captivating aesthetics and immersive experiences are of very high importance to brands and employers, hence companies like Acrylicize, which facilitates bespoke artworks and installations to elevate the spaces of its clients, exist. Recognizing the power of art and creativity in the context of workspaces, communal areas, retail, and other sites where people gather, Acrylicize “helps people fall in love with [their environments].” The company does this through “bespoke art schemes [that] activate spaces through storytelling and brand expression.”

Acrylicize relies on a create-curate-activate model. First, it creates bespoke artworks and installations that tie into the unique story of the client. Then, Acrylicize curates, “bringing [the client’s] story to life with local artists. Finally, it activates by sharing the brand/space story with wider audiences.

Image Credit: Acrylicize

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