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Cron is a brand new calendar app that is designed to use a combination of innovative design, an elegant interface and utilitarian features to provide both an alternative as well as a high-tech improvement to the scheduling app commonly used by individuals, teams and businesses alike.

Among the many innovations offered by the Cron calendar app is the streamlined manner in which users can convey their availability to others. A simple keyboard shortcut takes users to a page where they can select blocks of time, with the resulting text containing information about the calendar availability easily shareable on email and messaging apps. This offers the simple but significant improvement over conventional calendar apps that require meeting organizers to peruse through a bunch of time availabilities while scheduling events.

This calendar app also allows for easy display of availability of groups of people, whether it’s a pair of people working on a project or a larger team.

Ultimately, Cron is designed to provide individuals and groups with savings in time and effort when going about organizing their calendars, so they can focus their energies on the work at hand.

Image Credit: Cron – Business Trends

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