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Chromatic Plastic-Free Pop-Ups : plastic free pop up

New York City’s Soho is currently home to a new plastic-free pop-up shop from sustainable luxury loungewear brand nuhü division and it shows off the brand’s range of casual wear made of 100% organic cotton in a unique way. The completely plastic-free shop was created with the aid of eco-design firm Cartonlab, and award-winning design agency Studio Animal, who worked only with recycled cardboard to create everything from mannequins to the colorful walls.

nuhü division, which got its start during the pandemic, committed to eliminating plastic throughout its entire manufacturing and distribution process.

Notably, the cardboard materials used in the interior construction have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and this plastic-free pop-up exemplifies the versatility of the eco-friendly material. – Business Trends

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