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Branded Sweatpant Overalls : Swoverall

Corona’s Feliz Navidad holiday collection shares fun and festive gifts like holiday sweaters, stockings, cardigans and even a pair of Corona Hard Seltzer Swoveralls. The Corona Hard Seltzer Swoveralls, which promise to be the most comfortable piece in the collection, are a pair of overalls that are made out of soft materials.

The brand is giving away items in the collection for free, for a limited time, although coveted items like onesies, steins and beverage cozies can also be purchased.

If 2020 was the year everyone wore loungewear in quarantine, 2021 became the year people found ways to wear loungewear outside of the home. Styles like sweatshirts and sweatpants have gotten a big boost over the last few years, emphasizing a desire for comfort and utility. – Marketing Strategy

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