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Branded Oktoberfest Beer Giveaways : Oktoberfest Beer Giveaways

In light of many in-person Oktoberfest celebrations being canceled once again, Leinenkugel’s is helping Wisconsinites keep the tradition alive with its limited-edition Boxtoberfest kits. These Oktoberfest-themed boxes feature access to Leinkugel’s Oktoberfest, a Leinenkugel’s OktoBEERhat, Leinenkugel’s socks, Leinenkugel’s Lederhosen Koozie, Leinenkugel’s Dimple Mug, Oktoberfest decorations, and a pretzel scented candle.

To enter, fans in Wisconsin can reply to the pinned tweet from @leinenkugels to share how they’re celebrating Oktoberfest this season. The contest starts on September 16, 2021, and ends on September 24, 2021.50 winners will be randomly selected to win their own Boxtoberfest kit and bring Oktoberfest celebrations alive in the comfort of their own home. Plus, one lucky fan will win a Boxtoberfest delivery via the delightful tunes of a three-man polka band.

Image Credit: Leinenkugel’s – Marketing Strategy

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