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Blockchain-Enabled Textile Marketplaces : Queen of Raw

As circular business practices become more prevalent, the startup Queen of Raw slashes fashion waste by using AI- and blockchain-driven technology to resell deadstock textiles. The company operates on a B2B model, connecting resellers to clothing producers and manufacturers. In doing so, Queen of Raw not only reduces landfill waste from discarded fabrics but also cuts carbon and emissions and saves water.

The Queen of Raw platform has integrated AI and blockchain technology that deftly matches resellers with relevant buyers. The algorithms onboard the platform recommend fitting prices and find nearby vendors, making the acquisition process more efficient and eco-friendly. Queen of Raw is compatible with numerous inventory management systems, allowing resellers to upload products quickly. The reselling platform has worked with 325,000 clients including high-profile brands like Cartier and H&M. Queen of Raw has no minimums, so buyers are free to find the lengths that work for them.

Image Credit: Green Queen, Queen of Raw – New Ventures and Start Ups

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