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Beer-Flavored Cooking Mixes : recipe mixes

These Guinness recipe mixes have been developed through a partnership between Diageo and The Flava People as a range of cooking products for consumers looking to shake up their roster of recipes. The cooking mixes come in three varieties to choose from including Chilli Con Carne, Steak & Guinness Ale Pie and Sausage Casserole, which are each formulated to have the essence of Guinness beer in the mix. The products can be used to create one specific recipe, while also being well-suited for being mixed up into a range of different dishes.

The Guinness recipe mixes are each made without any artificial flavors or colors in the mix, while also being vegan-friendly. The products are being launched exclusively into Tesco locations in the UK at a price point of £1 each. – Marketing Strategy

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