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BBQ Meat Entrée Expansions : Four Brothers Barbecue

Minnesota-based food retailer Coborn Inc. has announced the launch of a new line of meat entrees called Four Brothers Barbecue. The new brand consists of a range of premium meat products including chicken, brisket, ribs, and smoked pulled pork, all of which will be sold exclusively at Coborn, Cash Wise, and Marketplace Foods stores.

The new line gets its name from the company’s founding brothers: Dan, Bob, Ron, and Bill, who have been leading the brand’s recent expansion throughout the United States. All of the packaged meat options will be offered either cold or hot, as well as packaged or fresh.

“This exciting, new assortment of fresh smoked meats and sides will provide our guests with delicious and crave-able meal options,” said Marti Sunderlin, VP of fresh merchandising.

Image Credit: Coborn – Business Trends

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