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At-Home Cider Packs : Stowford Press pint cans

Heading to the pub for a pint is commonplace in the UK but quickly became impossible in the face of the ongoing pandemic, which has seen brands offer new products to help offer a substitute like the four-pack of Stowford Press pint cans.

The price-marked pack of cider features four cans that each have a generous 568ml size and a 4.5% ABV to make them perfect for being enjoyed from home. The new pack is hoped to cater to the increased demand for at-home pours and satiate growth for the cider brand.

Brand Manager – Henry Westons and Stowford Press at Westons Cider Holly Chadwick commented on the new four-pack of Stowford Press pint cans saying, “It’s no secret that, as a nation, we love to sip on a pint in our favourite pub. This is reflected in the performance of Stowford Press, which is currently the third largest draught apple cider brand in the on-trade. However, in the wake of the pandemic, we’ve seen an increasing number of Brits try their hand at recreating the pub and bar experience at home. As a result, retail sales of Stowford Press have soared and it’s clear there’s an opportunity to drive this further with the launch of our new pint can.” – Marketing Strategy

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