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Amazon will hire 150,000 temporary workers and pay them up to $ 3,000 just for signing

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This Monday, Amazon announced that it will hire 150 thousand temporary workers in the United States to cover the increase in demand they expect for year-end purchases. One of his strategies to attract staff is to offer bonuses of up to $ 3,000 just for signing with Jeff Bezos’ company.

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The ecommerce giant is getting ready for the Christmas season , amid a great crisis of labor shortages in the country. Therefore, it is tempting candidates with a hefty bonus of up to $ 3,000 , depending on the city where the workers are based.

This hiring bonus is independent of the salary they will receive: 18 dollars per hour (about 360 Mexican pesos), which can increase to 21 dollars (about 420 MXN) for those who cover night shifts and / or work on weekends.

The new employees will fill vacancies in the merchandise packaging areas , one of the busiest in the last months of the year. These are in addition to those announced by Amazon in September: It will hire 40,000 new corporate and technology employees, as well as 125,000 full and part-time employees for fulfillment and transportation jobs.

“We are proud to offer a wide range of full-time, part-time and now seasonal jobs with excellent salaries and benefits ,” said Alicia Boler Davis , Amazon ‘s senior vice president of global customer compliance, in a statement .

“Our seasonal hiring helps us deliver on our promises to clients while providing flexibility for our full-time employees during peak periods. Joining Amazon in one of our seasonal positions offers a well-paying part-time job or a path to a full-time position, added the executive.

Amazon competes with Walmart and Target for employees

Amazon’s tempting job offer comes amid competition from US retailers for temporary or permanent employees. In a recent Korn Ferry survey cited by American Retail , 100% of retailers surveyed reported having trouble hiring employees.

In September, Walmart said it plans to hire 20,000 employees at more than 250 Walmart and Sam’s Club distribution centers, logistics centers and transportation offices. In early October, Target announced that it will add 30,000 new supply chain positions for the holiday season and beyond.

Amazon was one of the companies most favored by the pandemic, as its online sales soared like never before. For this reason, in mid-2020 it added 500 thousand employees to its already extensive workforce of 1.3 million workers worldwide. This year, Jeff Bezos’ company opened 250 logistics facilities in the United States and is known to open 100 more facilities.

Recently, Amazon was named by LinkedIn as the number one company in which Americans want to work and develop their careers.

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