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All-In-One Finance Apps : PayPal Super App

Paypal has officially launched a new version of its popular digital wallet and payments platform, which has been loosely dubbed the PayPal “super app.”

A major update, the new app will combine a variety of financial tools offered by the company into one slick, user-friendly platform. These features include direct deposit, bill pay, peer-to-peer payments, digital wallet functionalities, shopping tools, crypto conversions, and more.

As part of the new launch, PayPal has also teamed up with Synchrony Bank to release high-yield savings account aptly titled ‘PayPal Savings.’ These new updates represent an incredibly exciting development for the company as they allow PayPal to shift from a payments-only utility tool to a full-fledged finance app. In addition, the new updates also include a variety of future-forward features aimed at neobank users and cryptocurrency holders.

Image Credit: Shutterstock – New Ventures and Start Ups

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