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AI-Powered Food Id Apps : French Fry Identification App

This week Arby’s released an AI-powered french fry identification app for mobile devices. The quirky app utilizes users’ phone cameras in order to help them identify different types of fries, as they eat them.

The app, called ‘Field Guide to Fries,’ has been released in honor of National French Day and corresponds with Arby’s recent expansion of french fry options. Users take pictures of their fries and receive a breakdown of their specific variation – curly, crinkle, classic, etc. After scanning their snack, users are then offered a 50% discount code for an Arby’s sandwich. The idea for Field Guide to Fries was inspired by other camera-powered identification apps. In particular, those of the bird-watching variety, such as Merlin Bird ID.

This playful implementation of AI-powered software represents an innovative – and tasty – way to build hype around a product or brand. – Marketing Strategy

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