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100 Subscription-Based Gifts

If you are unsure of what to get a loved one for the holidays, consider one of these valuable subscription-based gifts.

There are a huge range of subscription services available today that provide services outside of just small gift boxes or app features. For example, the ‘Habicats’ service provides members with one fancy cardboard cat house and a new scratchpad each month for one year. This is great for keeping your loved ones’ cats entertained and for protecting the furniture in the house.

Looking for a gift for someone without a pet? Consider ‘Tabletop Game Subscriptions.’ The ‘Warhammer Plus’ subscription is available on a monthly or yearly basis. Subscribers will receive new pieces, boards, and sets for the popular tabletop game ‘Warhammer,’ that any boardgame-savvy person is sure to love.

There are also tons of options available for foodies, techies, fashion-conscious, and the health-conscious, so you are sure to find a subscription service that suits any loved one. – Business Trends

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