Ultra-Luxe Rhinestone Earphone Cases : Glam Earpods Holder

Spanish luxury fashion label Balenciaga has unveiled the ‘Glam Earpods Holder,’ a bedazzled AirPods case made from shiny brass dressed in dozens of sparkling rhinestones. The release also includes a matching ring phone holder made from the same high-end materials.

The Glam Earpods Holder comes with a detachable chain so users can wear the case over their shoulder rather than risk damaging it inside their pant pockets. In addition to an outrageous amount of rhinestones, the case features an engraved Balenciaga branding and snap-together feature for superior security.

Balenciaga’s new Glam Earpods Holder and matching phone ring holder are only being produced in limited quantities, making them exclusive collector’s items. Of course, those interested in owning them will have to be willing to invest a substantial amount of money.

Image Credit: Balenciaga – Luxury Trends

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