Streetwear-Style Luxury Watches : UNDONE x STAPLE Collection

The UNDONE x STAPLE Collection is a run of streetwear-style luxury watches that sport an iconic yin-yang design. The collection drew on the creative genius of Jeff Staple, founder of Staple Pigeon, to make the watch’s major motifs: the yin-yang symbol on the dial and the signature pigeon beneath the tinted glass caseback. The UNDONE x STAPLE Collection has a highly stylized look with Staple’s streetwear background informing the design.

The collection offers multiple band options that slightly alter the luxury watch’s look. The UNDONE x STAPLE Collection consists of the Yin-Yang Nato, the Yin-Yang Leather, and the exclusive UNDONE x STAPLE Yin-Yang Limited Edition. The Yin-Yang Limited Edition comes with an additional strap and a carabiner keychain. The watches contain the Seiko TMI NH35A automatic movement mechanism and have 42 hours of power reserve.

Image Credit: UNDONE – Luxury Trends

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