Luxurious Office-Ready Shoes : Office-ready shoes

Sustainable footwear brand Ma’am has a few silhouettes of office-ready shoes that are not only comfortable and highly versatile, but are also breathtakingly gorgeous. The company’s most recent design certainly embodies this. Launched as part of Ma’am Shoes’ Spring line, the ‘Stacey’ boasts a custom two-ish inch cylinder heel and a incredibly supportive heel strap. The overall shape of the model is chic and elegant, which allows the heels to be paired with different attire—from jeans and flowy weekend dresses to formal pants and pencil skirts.

Made in Los Angeles, the office-ready shoes are offered in a stunning Cognac Croc colorway. In terms of materials, Ma’am Shoes uses soft Italian suede and leather fabrication, elevating the luxurious connotations of the silhouette.

Image Credit: Ma’am Shoes – Luxury Trends

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