Leather Winter Fashion Collections : winter fashion collection

‘Hardware LDN,’ the London-based fashion house, has launched a winter fashion collection comprised of fine leather apparel. Included in this collection are trench coats, jackets, trousers, and dresses.

The trench coats are available in ‘Midnight Black,’ and ‘Rose Quartz Baby Pink’ colors, while the jackets and trousers are available in ‘Rose Quartz Pink’ and ‘Black Quartz’ varieties. The trousers are sleek and form-fitting with both high-waisted and low-waisted options.

Uniquely included in this Winter collection is a ‘Mini black leather boob tube dress’ with chain straps, for an edgy, luxury look. The entire 2021 Winter Collection is made in London with high-quality lambskin leather. The cost for these luxury leather clothes ranges from $722 to $1,600.

Image Credit: Hardware LDN – Luxury Trends

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