Impressionist Streetwear Collabs : impressionist streetwear

‘Supreme’ and ‘Missoni’ are meshing their styles together in a new line of impressionist streetwear fit for the colder months of the year.

This streetwear line will use the clothing style from Supreme and the high-end knitwear style of Missoni to create beautiful sweaters, jackets, and hats. The new collab features knit sweaters that incorporate intricate patterns in a multitude of color palettes from green-yellow to red-purple. There are matching bucket hats in each of these color schemes, complimenting a chic winter outfit.

For the individual who prefers the minimalist Supreme look, the line also features sweaters and coats with uniform colors that state “Missoni Supreme” on the front. This is more in-line with Supreme’s signature streetwear look. The winter jackets continue on this minimalist theme while still incorporating a knit pattern in the trim.

Image Credit: Supreme, Missoni – Luxury Trends

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