Gen Z-Targeted Jewelry Collections : interlinked

‘Wonther Jewelry’ has released the ‘Interlinked Collection,’ which is curated to the personalities of Gen Z consumers. The Interlinked Collection places an importance on bringing people together. Gen Z consumers are often together on the internet, whether on social media or on other virtual hangouts, but are not as often together in person. Interlinked is meant to symbolize this connection between people with its repeating chain-link pattern inspired by stitching.

The Interlinked Collection contains ear studs, cuffs, and rings, as well as bracelets and necklaces. The entire Interlinked collection is made of ethical 18-carat gold, with repurposed bio-leather on the accents of the bracelet and choker. With this collection, Wonther is stressing the importance that physical connection has to real happiness, and showing consumers that we can all benefit from being more connected offline as well as online.

Image Credit: Wonther Jewelry – Luxury Trends

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