Eucalyptus Shower Bouquets : Shower bouquet

The concept of shower bouquet is either completely new or extremely rare—yet Montreal-based brand SELV RITUEL, which prides itself on advancing the movement for “slow life,” has taken it upon itself to uplift the shower experience for consumers with a beautiful and immersive Eucalyptus Spa Bouquet.

The product is offered while quantities last and is delivered every week of September, everywhere in Quebec. With the shower bouquet, the brand sought to evoke a spa-like experience at home. The eucalyptus is received fresh and begins to dry (SELV RITUEL warns that this can happen very fast—not to worry, this is normal) once placed in the bathroom. The water, hot or cold, can run over the flora. The brand estimated that each beautiful shower bouquet would last up to three weeks on average.

Image Credit: SELV RITUEL – Luxury Trends

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