Dry Carbon Fiber Superyachts : The Saturnia Superyacht

The Saturnia superyacht is the brainchild of Lazzarini Design studio. Measuring 320 feet long (100 meters), the superyacht also acts as a private seaport for smaller yachts. Its dual function requires a walkable deck area with openings on both sides that reveal its private ports when lifted.

The conceptual design is made with dry carbon fiber structures. Lazzarini’s designers chose this material to make the yacht 50% lighter than similar-sized vessels. Therefore, captains can push up the yacht’s top speed to an impressive 30 knots. In addition, the Saturnia boasts a glass-bottomed deck and can host 10-20 guests and 20 crew members while maintaining its seaport status. Designed with hybrid propulsion, this is made possible due to the superyacht’s ability to configure into different layouts.

Image Credit: Lazzarini Design Studio – Luxury Trends

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