Anime-Inspired Timepieces : lupin the third

Zenith, the luxury watchmaker, has released the third and final product in its ‘Lupin the Third’ collaborative series. Lupin the Third is a Japanese anime series that follows the life of a man named Lupin III, the fictional grandson of the mythical thief ‘Lupin’ who was originally written in 20th century France. The Lupins are fictional gentlemen thieves who send calling cards to their targets in advance identifying which item they are going to steal.

The timepiece from Zenith is inspired by this same gentlemanly honor. The most notable aspect of this final edition timepiece is the dial. The dial is inspired by the first two collaborative Lupin watches from Zenith. Half of the dial is black with gold writing while the other half is white with black and gold writing. The dial’s colorway is split at a 45-degree angle rather than symmetrically down the center. The watch also features a high-frequency ‘El Primero’ automatic chronograph.

This collaborative timepiece is available for preorder on Zenith’s website for $10,000 USD.

Image Credit: Zenith – Luxury Trends

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