Zero-Waste Shopping Kit : zero waste shopping

The debut collection from BRINGiT introduces a complete zero-waste shopping system that helps to provide an alternative to plastic and cotton carryalls. Instead of using these common materials, the bags make the most of LENZING Lyocell and LENZING Modal Color fibers.

These reusable BRINGiT bags are machine washable and won’t release microplastics, plus they are tear-resistant and home compostable at the end of their usable life. The zero-waste shopping kit includes essentials like the iTKit Shopping System with eight bags of different designs, produce bags in various sizes and the iTBag Shopper. Deb Singer, co-founder of BRINGiT, says “We were inspired by the innovative and emerging material used often in sustainable apparel and the need for planet-friendly reusable tote options.” – Lifestyle Trends

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