Welcome to the New Quintessence

When I founded Quintessence in 2010, I knew nothing about web design and knew no one to help me. I ended many days in tears trying to figure out how to launch a site that looked reasonably attractive and expressed my point of view. I managed to teach myself just enough code to customize a theme with my now signature blue and orange and one day finally hit the publish button and Quintessence was born.

The new Quintessence

Over the years, I have found people to help fix bugs and solve emergencies but finally, like an old house in desperate need of a renovation, the site had hit its limit. The foundation was failing and new footings were in order. So for the better part of this year, with the help of an ace construction crew, we have been rebuilding Quintessence. Susanna Charbin of The Beaux Arts was a brilliant partner, creatively interpreting a quintessential solution for the site. Just like my motto, we looked back to move forward, keeping the best of what was there and creating a fresh new look and new “spaces” to explore.

There are separate new pages to explore – videos, blog posts, books, Behind the Q (that’s me) and more. Two exciting new additions to the site are Q Tips, short new missives where I share interesting people, places and happenings to know about. And I hope you’ll be excited about Q Worthy, a very select very non-run of the mill shopping section where you may find something exquisite for yourself on someone special on your holiday list. Be forewarned that some of these items are special order and aren’t necessarily appropriate for the holiday season (unless of course you want to share an image of something extra special coming soon).

So I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor. Do let me know and be on the lookout for new mailings coming to your inbox very soon!


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