Vibrant Collaborative Technical Apparel : one block down

Salomon and One Block Down work in collaboration with content creators all across Europe to showcase new colorways of the Salomon XT-4 and the XT-6 sneakers throughout different European environments. First off, working with @street_epicentro in Rome, Italy, One Block Down was taken throughout a tour of the city center by the seaside.

This was followed by French photographer and video maker @escalopeviandehache in the city of Valence to see the city’s snow and forest in the mountains, highlighting the XT-6. The team then went north to Munich to meet with Instagram creator @thv4gsb to spotlight the Xt-4 in different forest spaces. The final stop was Berlin, Germany where the team worked with @artsyblumkohl in the urban environment.

Image Credit: Salomon, One Block Down – Lifestyle Trends

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