Vegan-Inclusive Festive Sweets : vegan festive sweets

Greggs has launched its 2021 Christmas menu which now includes vegan festive sweets in addition to Greggs’ iconic holiday treats. The 2021 Christmas menu includes seven products, each of which are made with festive flavors in mind. From spongey vanilla-flavored buns dipped in icing and finished with festive sugary toppings to Christmas shortbread bites that are crumbly and topped with caramel and milk chocolates, this menu is perfect for consumers with a sweet tooth.

Greggs’ famous ‘Festive Bake’ also returns this year, and this time it has a vegan option. The ‘Vegan Festive Bake’ substitutes chicken for ‘Quorn’ alternative protein, and bacon for vegan-made bacon crumbs. Luckily, the rest of the ingredients were vegan already, so the flavor experience will be near-identical to the original Festive Bake.

The rest of the menu includes a ‘Christmas Cake Slice,’ a ‘Christmas Star Biscuit,’ and a ‘Christmas Tree Biscuit,’ each of which are made with high-quality chocolates, sprinkles, and pastries.

Image Credit: Greggs – Lifestyle Trends

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