Vegan-Friendly Chocolate Ingredients : Dairy-Free Compounds

The Barry Callebaut Dairy-Free Compounds have been launched by the brand to provide brands in the confectionery, snack and bakery industries with a way to enhance their recipes with a touch of vegan-friendly chocolate. The product range includes the dark dairy-free EZ melt compound, dark dairy-free compound chip/chunk, dark dairy-free compound soft chunk, dark dairy-free compound soft shaped chunks and the dark dairy-free bulk liquid. The products are all shelf-stable and have 100% plant-based recipes.

Director, Barry Callebaut Brand Laura Bergan spoke further on the new Barry Callebaut Dairy-Free Compounds saying,
“To support the plant-based revolution, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest offering, Dairy-Free Compounds. Recent successful plant-based launches met market demands with a flavour-first mentality, focusing on taste. At Barry Callebaut, we’ve taken the plant-based opportunity to a new level elevating products on indulgences that happen to be plant-based. We’re excited to see the industry expand product lines and introduce new innovative creations to cater to everyone’s lifestyle choice, across different generations.” – Lifestyle Trends

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