Top 100 Health Trends in November

Innovative mental health apps, fitness-based product innovations, and plenty of immune-boosting supplements mark the November 2021 health trends. But, of course, an uptick in these kinds of product offerings reflects the impending winter season — a time when individuals readily turn to new health and wellness solutions in an effort to strengthen the mind and body.

A notable theme within this collection was the prevalence of new mental health-related products. Online therapy service BetterHelp launched a campaign that sought to raise awareness around men’s mental wellness, while MindAmp released a pair of specialty headphones designed to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Elsewhere, supplements designed to strengthen the immune system were bountiful. For example, Bitsy’s launched Immunity-Boosting Drink Mix Sticks for kids, while coffee brand Four Sigmatic released a Vitamin D and Chaga Mushroom-infused blend crafted with the intention of supporting java lovers immune systems. – Lifestyle Trends

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