The Go Getter by Jamba

The Go Getter by Jamba is a brand-new plant-based smoothie that has landed on the menu at a time of year when many people are committing to big health and wellness goals. The supportive new smoothie is full of citrus and tropical flavors and ingredients like matcha green tea, a vegetable and fruit juice blend, mangos, kale and orange juice. As such, there are at least three full servings of veggies in each smoothie, and it is packed with vitamins and antioxidants.

“With The Go Getter, Jamba fans can jumpstart their 2022 routines in a way that’s easy, convenient, delicious, and portable,” said Danielle Fisher, Vice President of Marketing for Jamba. Although green drinks can sometimes seem intimidating, this one is packed with immunity benefits and flavor to provide a wellness boost all winter long. – Lifestyle Trends

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