Textural Cheddar Snack Mixes : Chex Mix

The White Cheddar Chex Mix is the latest flavor of the popular snack mix from General Mills that will offer a cheesy new option that doesn’t skimp when it comes to flavor and texture. The savory snack mix is made with Corn Chex that has a white cheddar flavor, and is mixed with Rye Chips, Round Pretzels, Square Pretzels, Squiggle Breadsticks and Wheat Chex. The snack comes in both medium and Family Size servings that are priced at $3.09 and $3.99, respectively.

The new White Cheddar Chex Mix is arriving on Stop & Shop shelves now and will see a larger, nationwide launch taking place at additional retailers and grocery stores starting in mid-June for shoppers to pick up.

Image Credit: General Mills – Lifestyle Trends

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