Tequila-Based Cream Liqueurs : cream liqueurs

These new Dead Man’s Fingers cream liqueurs are launching on the heels of the successful Raspberry Rum Cream Liqueur that arrived earlier this year to help tap into the increasing popularity of creamy spirits. The products come in the form of the Strawberry Tequila Cream Liqueur and the Mango Tequila Cream Liqueur, which are both arriving in the UK. The drinks are perfect for enjoyment on their own over ice or even used in your choice of cocktail recipe.

Global Marketing Manager Rachel Adams spoke on the new Dead Man’s Fingers cream liqueurs saying, “Dead Man’s Fingers has always been about making our own rules and bringing consumers delicious, exciting and surprising drinks experiences. This ethos, combined with our distinctive brand personality has helped us shake up the rum category to become the fastest-growing rum brand in the UK. Now we are excited to bring this successful approach to the cream liqueurs category.” – Lifestyle Trends

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