Sustainably Grown Hydroponic Stawberries : hydroponic strawberries

California-based agricultural business Red Dog Management has teamed up with Canadian produce distributor Oppy and agricultural investment firm Farmers Gate to offer a new range of hydroponic strawberries under the brand name of ‘Happy Berry.’

What’s great about these tabletop strawberries is that they are grown using far fewer resources compared to traditional strawberries. With efficient watering techniques and scientifically timed and measured nutrient inputs, the end result is just as good as if not superior to traditional berries but with vast improvements in sustainability.

While hydroponic growing has often been associated with home ventures and small-scale farming, the advent of the ‘Happy Berry’ hydroponic strawberries proves that this sustainable method of growing can produce foods that are more than suitable for the retail space.

Image Credit: Happy Berry – Lifestyle Trends

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