Summery Spiked Agave Seltzers : agave seltzer

Lone Star Brewing, traditionally known for its beer, released two spiked agave seltzers just in time for cottage season. The beer brand teamed up with Pabst Blue Ribbon to launch Agave Lime and Agave Watermelon, two fresh citrusy flavors that capture the essence of summer. The agave seltzers are brewed locally in Texas and are made with blue agave nectar granting them their signature finish.

The two new flavors can be enjoyed poolside, beachside, or in the backyard on a sunny day. The agave seltzers are designed to break into the rapidly-growing seltzer industry spawned by the likes of White Claws. The 5% hard seltzers come in 355 ml cans and have a mere 100 calories. At this time, Lone Star agave seltzers are only available in the US.

Image Credit: Lone Star – Lifestyle Trends

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